I called my sister (long distance from my cell phone while I was driving – wrong on so many levels) yesterday to see if she had read my disaster post about the shoes (and to wish her a happy anniversary). She had. She laughed. But she also asked me about the other things I had planned for that same day. So here is the follow up.

Yes! Jack now has a bank account, well it’s under my name until we receive his birth certificate (come on Quebec, it’s been almost 2 (gasp!) months since this little man is breathing air!) and his Social Insurance Number. I was going to just make it in my name but the woman I met with strongly recommended his own account since kids’ accounts don’t have any fees associated with them (compared to the 13$/month that would have to come out of his account each month if it were under my name, that’s a good deal!).

And yes, the crib has been put together. I love it. For now he only sleeps in it in the morning and in his moses basket but it is a start. It’s the Graco Sarah 3-in-1 crib. I like it because the end pieces are also slatted, I found that the solid ends of most cribs looked so heavy and with his tiny bedroom it’s nice to have a somewhat lighter look. His room is on its way to being the nicest room in the house.

Jack in basket in crib

Jack in basket in crib

I also managed to take a shower, do some groceries (including getting the MOST delicious ginger cookies at the bakery in Lancaster), reorganize some of my dishes in the kitchen (yay for Keith’s tallness), and have a mini nap in the pm while Keith held on to Jack for over an hour. I love it when Keith is in town.

Jack and his dad

Jack and his dad

Granted, a lot got done precisely because I had Keith to help out but I do believe that setting my sights to a realistic target actually allowed me to get more done. Knowing that I only needed to accomplish a few tangible tasks de-cluttered my mind in a way.

Today’s tasks:

Task: Move all baby related stuff out of the dining room and into his room

Why? I think it is important to have some adult space in the home

Task: Deal with the recycling – it’s all over my kitchen because my veranda is weird right now

Why? I’ve been tossing crap out into the veranda and as a result the recycling bins are hidden by huge lengths of plastic (you never know when you need long bits of plastic to wrap something in!). I eat a lot with this breastfeeding gig and my countertops are overrun with cartons and such.

Task: Go for another dog/baby walk!

Why? I did so yesterday for the first time – it was gorgeous out! And it actually worked. I tied the dogs’ leashes to the stroller (being sure NOT to let go of the stroller in case one decides to chase a goose or something…) and they heeled nicely with it. Yay. Oh, back to the ‘Why?‘ – I need the exercise and the change of scenery as much as Jack and the dogs do – well, Jack just sat there and fell asleep but I’m sure the change of scenery did him at least a smidge of good.

The dogs may actually decide to chase a goose - these ones are across the street!

The dogs may actually decide to chase a goose - look closely these white ones are just across the street! A bit hard to see on the snow 🙂