So I did nothing I planned the other day. The recycling is still all over the kitchen. All of the baby clothes are out of the dining room but I still spy with my little eye the plastic bathtub thing underneath the…what is that table called? A console table? Sideboard? Credenza? Longish table against the wall in the dining room? As is his car seat and some diapers (yes, they’re on the table. At least these ones aren’t dirty. Believe me, after what this table has gone through in the past 2 months you may never want to eat here again.)

You saw how I slipped that in, didn’t you? Jack is 2 months old today. Yay Jack! I think we’ll celebrate by having some extra nursing time, as if that would make this day any different from any other day. Yesterday he nursed on the hour, actually on the hour 07 – 1:07, 2:07, 3:07. People tell me he must be in a growth spurt. At first it made sense…but really, isn’t he going to be in a growth spurt until he’s 16? Isn’t that what kids do – grow?

So back to the non-planning thing. I had the best of intentions of getting my 3 tasks done on … when was it? Friday? But something unexpected curtailed my aspirations of grandeur. A bird in the stove (wood burning stove, not the pie baking stove, though then I could have waited for another 4 and 19 birds to join him and baked a pie). People wonder why I moved to the country. Things like mice in the kitchen or birds in the stove really aren’t my cup of tea. Luckily it was a day when  I was treating myself to Alexandra, she who plays with and walks Toby and Jacob for a whole hour. So I waited until she came and she approached the stove and dealt with the situation. Yay, Alexandra! It was a starling if anyone was wondering.

(By the way, if you live in the South (or North, probably, she’s based in Green Valley) Glengarry area and need someone to care for your pets in ANY way you need to give her a call. She not only walks/cleans litters/feeds/plays with your pets but actually cares for them. Click the picture for more info.)

I may get to that list today. In fact, I most probably will. Today is a recycling pick-up day, which only occurs every 2nd Monday out here in the country. If I don’t get this stuff out by the road today we will be overcome with paper and plastic bits. Also, my mother is giving me the gift of her cleaning lady (Mme Lauzon is much more than a cleaning lady, I’ve known her for some 35 odd years. She’s driven me places, she’s taken care of my dogs, she’s taken care of my sisters’ children, of us) tomorrow and yes, I will be cleaning up before she gets here. It’s really out of hand.