If you found your way here via tracyrosen.com, it isn’t a mistake. This will be a temporary place marker until the blog issues are resolved. Read below to find out why!

Though my domains had to be reset due to the hacking of malicious code into my sites, Hostpapa finally came through and sent me a zipped copy of my cpanel so that not all of my files were lost. Today I managed to resuscitate TracyRosen.com … kind of.  The ‘kind of’ part has to do with the sidebar links, which for now do not work. I am in the process of going through all of the files – which would be painstakingly slow on its own, imagine doing so when every hour or so a little boy wants to eat, and in between he needs to be changed, have a bath, etc… 🙂 – so as to be sure not to upload any of the code that got my account suspended in the first place .

I’m realizing, though, that I think my blog articles are – yikes – lost. The way I understand it, WordPress stores user content in MySQL databases, which are stored off-site so they wouldn’t have been included in the copy of my cpanel that was sent to me.

I’ve written an email to HostPapa support to see if they still exist anywhere. Keep your fingers crossed.

I did manage to find this for leading from the heart. Better than nothing, I guess.

Leading from the Heart on the Wayback Machine

Teaching is a Verb on the Wayback Machine

History.TracyRosen.com on the Wayback Machine

Alas, nothing for Ubuntu is Not Scary 😦

My old Leadingfromtheheart.wordpress.com site on the Wayback Machine