We enjoyed our afternoon volunteering at Directions 🙂 We spent it helping Marie stuff envelopes as it is soon interview time at the program – they interview students who were recommended to the program by other teachers each year.

Right now the kids are away on a work study program while the teachers will conduct said interviews over the next 2 weeks. We’re looking back to returning then! It feels very good to be there.

I’m starting to think about September. The plan is to return to work then, though it is hard to imagine not spending every moment with Jack! It is not such a cut and dried process. First off, I was on a long term occasional contract – meaning a limited time replacement contract. What this means is that I have no claim to any position at the school board and will need to apply for jobs again! I am qualified to teach French in Ontario so everyone tells me that I will have no problem finding a job…but that may not happen until August or even after the school year starts. That leads me to the next item – daycare! I can not be placed on a daycare list until I have a job. So what will I do with Jack if I am offered a position at the last minute? I suppose I can always drive him to my parents each morning…only a 40 minute drive each way from my place and who knows where I might find work, could be another 30 minutes or more away from me!

I need to stop thinking about this and just go about my business of applying for work and let things fall into place. But it is hard to stop thinking about just the same.

I have begun the work of looking for work by updating my online cv/portfolio.

What really sucks makes this challenging is the suspension and subsequent resetting of my hosting account. All of the blogs and websites containing much of the work I have done over the past 4 years are now reduced to .sql dump files, which I am having a heck of a time gleaning for data. Luckily my old friend Brian says he has a lot of time on his hands and will help me out with the technical process of getting the info. Yay Brian!

I did manage to recover some articles via The Wayback Machine as well as by digging through the dump files (those are sure aptly named!) and have coded them into permanent pages at TracyRosen.com. I hyperlinked them to the ‘My Interests’ section of the CV and even added Disqus commenting so maybe the conversations begun at Leading from the Heart will come back to life one day!

I wouldn’t mind some feedback re: the website. I coded it so I can pretty easily change things (and no silly database required…) to make it more accessible for readers. Lay it on me!