Guess what? The bubbies are coming over today! Actually, one bubbie and a grandma. Little Jack is of Eastern European Jewish (via Montreal), Scottish (via Newfoundland) mix. Poor kid. When he gets that question, that “what is your background” question and answers Canadian, then gets pressed with the “no, no, where is your family really from” question, he gets to rattle off that tale. My mother was always positive the question was asked to find out if you were Jewish or not. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “Really? You don’t look Jewish!”, almost confirming her suspicions. Does that happen to Catholics or Protestants?

Anyways, back to Bubbie Day.

You see, Bubbie doesn`t drive on highways (she`s afraid of the BFTs) so she can never visit me unless someone else brings her. Grandma likes to make an event out of visits, no such thing really as just having a little visit, so this has been in the plans for a while. I think Grandma called Bubbie two weeks ago. As such, my mother has managed to amass a number of items (on the verge of warranting the use of one of those BFTs she so despises) to bring with today, including but certainly not limited to paint and paraphernalia to redo a chest of drawers and a carpet. Oh and of course, lunch. Probably enough to feed a whole fleet of BFT drivers. Don`t forget, Bubbie is the Jewish part of today`s equation.
(Have you figured out what BFTs are yet?)

For some reason my keyboard has decided to go French on me. Did you know that if you are on a French keyboard you need to type shift-6 to get a question mark? Useful information for when you get stranded in Quebec.

I`m making fun but I am looking forward to them being here. What could be bad about two people coming over to talk about how gorgeous and smart my Jack is? And bringing food, no less? (ok, I need to stop asking questions. I keep getting É instead of ?) Not to mention how NICE it is to have extra sets of arms to hold him from time to time. I do love living out in the country where this is what I see when I go out my front door

morning April 7

my truck in the morning, April 7

My road in the morning, April 7

My road in the morning, April 7

but sometimes it is nice to have company who can speak and help out (the dogs, cat, and Jack can`t really do either).

Even though they both say not to worry about a tidy house when they come (well, to be honest, Grandma says that way more often than Bubbie) I`m going to try to tidy now since Jack is still napping. Though I may first have to go for a little drive. Jacob seems to have gone missing. Toby has returned from his morning shpatzir around the yard but Jacob is MIA.