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Yesterday I went to Place des Arts to see Kid Koala’s (I know I’m old, I seriously recall him playing shows while he was underage…is this possible?) Nufonia Must Fall with Jack.

(There he is, waiting for the show at Place des Arts Cinquième Salle.)

The show is absolutely a feast. The logistics behind the set up is complex yet somehow comes across as very simple. A dj in the corner, tiny puppet sets all over the place, puppeteers moving from set to set, followed by cameras, and each scene is projected behind the stage on a huge screen. The stage direction …sublime. And of course, the string quartet whose musicians, along with Kid Koala’s dj/percussion/’vocals’/etc stylings strung together the many emotions contained in the piece. Jack kept kissing my hand, thanking me for bringing him. He felt the emotion throughout the piece, yelling them out as he felt them (sorry fellow audience members!). That’s not fair! This is scary, mommy. Oh, he loves her! Look, it’s the airport! This is so cool! 

It was just great. Great, too, to run into an old friend (hi T’Cha!) after the show while I was shamelessly in line to get Jack’s new copy of the book the show is based on signed by Eric 🙂 (how could I resist?)

And then we went outside Place des Arts where the streets are still closed to cars for a few more days and saw the huge chess games set up. Jack wanted to play. The wait for a turn was too long. 

We had both been up late the night before. I spent the evening with some old friends, present for Nancy’s final shift at the bar, 

and headed home early. To be delayed by a) a holdup at the gas station (for real) and b) Kanye West fans spilling out of the Bell Centre. The police blocked access to practically every street. I finally got home and Jack was still up and had to join me while driving Sebastien home… So it was a late night for both of us.

And all I had at home was ground pork and a cauliflower… The beginnings of the calamity appeared for a few moments when he sat on the road and refused to move when I said we couldn’t stay. Somehow I convinced him to walk with me (yes, we’ll be playing chess, no matter how long the wait, after kung fu later today) to the car, get in, and drive to the grocery store. 

I have a long standing rule. If you walk away from me in a store and I need to spend more energy looking for you than shopping, we leave the cart where it is and go home. I’ve had to follow through with that rule only once before, about 2 years ago. Well, I should have done the shopping earlier in the day when he had more of a chance of sticking near me in the store. Needless to say, the cart was left next to the eggs, and I walked out holding a screeching little boy by the hand. We are not leaving, mommy! No! Turn around! The soundtrack skipped on that track until we got home. It looked something like this by the time we got to our driveway.

So he played chess on his own (he won) while I made the last of our food into dinner and then we ate it while watching The Lego Movie and finished our day dancing to Everything is Awesome before heading to bed, the two of us, before 8pm. 

It turns out you don’t need eggs for meatloaf to work. 


Don’t know where that post title came from but I’ll keep it.

Didn’t take long for me to get bored with I like to play with css too much and why pay to do so here when I can host it on my own domain that has already been paid for?

So we’ve packed up our tent and moved on over to Come and join us for a chicken liver cook out (so delicious).

Tracy & Jack

Yesterday was a big day, big as in Jack and I left the house at 8:30am and didn’t return until 7:30pm. We had doctors appointments in Montreal in the morning, then visited with Bubbie and Zaidie on the way home, before continuing on to Cornwall. Also big as in he received his first vaccinations yesterday! And he went to his first physio session in Cornwall (Yay to Ontario for providing these sessions free through OHIP).

Physio for a 2 1/2 month old? When Jack was born his delivery was assisted with both forceps and a vacuum, even though I had a c-section. I’ve been told by his doctor and lactation consultants at the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic (Jewish General Hospital) that traumatic births like that can lead to torticollis, of which he has a mild case. He was seeing a chiropractor in Quebec, Valerie Lavigne of Chiro-Familial in Kirkland, who is WONDERFUL. But when I discovered that Ontario offers what he needs for free at a closer location, I had to switch. Now we are working with Mike Major at Cornwall Physiotherapy Clinic. I’ve met him twice now and both times he was gentle and caring towards both me and Jack and has offered suggestions for what I can do at home, as well.

On a slightly chilling note, especially given that Jack’s dad is a long distance truck driver, we passed by this horrific scene on the way to Cornwall.

Truck Crash on 401 photo taken by Artist Michael Cartwright, click image for source.

Definitely a big, long, full day.

Bubbie Day was fun! We got pictures, muffins, delicious lunch, a carpet, and my mother even painted my bureau! No more knotty pine in the bedroom, it’s a crisp and clean (no caffeine) white.

Jack loved hanging out with the Bubbies 🙂

Jack, Grandma, and Bubbie

Jack, Grandma, and Bubbie

Guess what? The bubbies are coming over today! Actually, one bubbie and a grandma. Little Jack is of Eastern European Jewish (via Montreal), Scottish (via Newfoundland) mix. Poor kid. When he gets that question, that “what is your background” question and answers Canadian, then gets pressed with the “no, no, where is your family really from” question, he gets to rattle off that tale. My mother was always positive the question was asked to find out if you were Jewish or not. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “Really? You don’t look Jewish!”, almost confirming her suspicions. Does that happen to Catholics or Protestants?

Anyways, back to Bubbie Day.

You see, Bubbie doesn`t drive on highways (she`s afraid of the BFTs) so she can never visit me unless someone else brings her. Grandma likes to make an event out of visits, no such thing really as just having a little visit, so this has been in the plans for a while. I think Grandma called Bubbie two weeks ago. As such, my mother has managed to amass a number of items (on the verge of warranting the use of one of those BFTs she so despises) to bring with today, including but certainly not limited to paint and paraphernalia to redo a chest of drawers and a carpet. Oh and of course, lunch. Probably enough to feed a whole fleet of BFT drivers. Don`t forget, Bubbie is the Jewish part of today`s equation.
(Have you figured out what BFTs are yet?)

For some reason my keyboard has decided to go French on me. Did you know that if you are on a French keyboard you need to type shift-6 to get a question mark? Useful information for when you get stranded in Quebec.

I`m making fun but I am looking forward to them being here. What could be bad about two people coming over to talk about how gorgeous and smart my Jack is? And bringing food, no less? (ok, I need to stop asking questions. I keep getting É instead of ?) Not to mention how NICE it is to have extra sets of arms to hold him from time to time. I do love living out in the country where this is what I see when I go out my front door

morning April 7

my truck in the morning, April 7

My road in the morning, April 7

My road in the morning, April 7

but sometimes it is nice to have company who can speak and help out (the dogs, cat, and Jack can`t really do either).

Even though they both say not to worry about a tidy house when they come (well, to be honest, Grandma says that way more often than Bubbie) I`m going to try to tidy now since Jack is still napping. Though I may first have to go for a little drive. Jacob seems to have gone missing. Toby has returned from his morning shpatzir around the yard but Jacob is MIA.

We enjoyed our afternoon volunteering at Directions 🙂 We spent it helping Marie stuff envelopes as it is soon interview time at the program – they interview students who were recommended to the program by other teachers each year.

Right now the kids are away on a work study program while the teachers will conduct said interviews over the next 2 weeks. We’re looking back to returning then! It feels very good to be there.

I’m starting to think about September. The plan is to return to work then, though it is hard to imagine not spending every moment with Jack! It is not such a cut and dried process. First off, I was on a long term occasional contract – meaning a limited time replacement contract. What this means is that I have no claim to any position at the school board and will need to apply for jobs again! I am qualified to teach French in Ontario so everyone tells me that I will have no problem finding a job…but that may not happen until August or even after the school year starts. That leads me to the next item – daycare! I can not be placed on a daycare list until I have a job. So what will I do with Jack if I am offered a position at the last minute? I suppose I can always drive him to my parents each morning…only a 40 minute drive each way from my place and who knows where I might find work, could be another 30 minutes or more away from me!

I need to stop thinking about this and just go about my business of applying for work and let things fall into place. But it is hard to stop thinking about just the same.

I have begun the work of looking for work by updating my online cv/portfolio.

What really sucks makes this challenging is the suspension and subsequent resetting of my hosting account. All of the blogs and websites containing much of the work I have done over the past 4 years are now reduced to .sql dump files, which I am having a heck of a time gleaning for data. Luckily my old friend Brian says he has a lot of time on his hands and will help me out with the technical process of getting the info. Yay Brian!

I did manage to recover some articles via The Wayback Machine as well as by digging through the dump files (those are sure aptly named!) and have coded them into permanent pages at I hyperlinked them to the ‘My Interests’ section of the CV and even added Disqus commenting so maybe the conversations begun at Leading from the Heart will come back to life one day!

I wouldn’t mind some feedback re: the website. I coded it so I can pretty easily change things (and no silly database required…) to make it more accessible for readers. Lay it on me!

Today Jack and I are going to spend some time helping out at the high school program where I used to work before changing schools. I love that place. It is filled with heart, hope, and perseverance. Sometimes I can’t believe that I chose to leave it but when I remind myself of  the travel time each day I remember why I did so.

Now that I am not working I find myself going a little stir crazy. Last week I went to the school for a visit and while I was there came up with the idea of volunteering once or twice a week. I asked the head teacher about it and she said that an extra adult body is always a good thing and that bringing Jack along was fine. So we are heading out there today for a few hours.

What better place for Jack to spend some time? He’ll listen to some kids read, maybe. Hopefully he’ll help to make someone feel good today 🙂