We enjoyed our afternoon volunteering at Directions 🙂 We spent it helping Marie stuff envelopes as it is soon interview time at the program – they interview students who were recommended to the program by other teachers each year.

Right now the kids are away on a work study program while the teachers will conduct said interviews over the next 2 weeks. We’re looking back to returning then! It feels very good to be there.

I’m starting to think about September. The plan is to return to work then, though it is hard to imagine not spending every moment with Jack! It is not such a cut and dried process. First off, I was on a long term occasional contract – meaning a limited time replacement contract. What this means is that I have no claim to any position at the school board and will need to apply for jobs again! I am qualified to teach French in Ontario so everyone tells me that I will have no problem finding a job…but that may not happen until August or even after the school year starts. That leads me to the next item – daycare! I can not be placed on a daycare list until I have a job. So what will I do with Jack if I am offered a position at the last minute? I suppose I can always drive him to my parents each morning…only a 40 minute drive each way from my place and who knows where I might find work, could be another 30 minutes or more away from me!

I need to stop thinking about this and just go about my business of applying for work and let things fall into place. But it is hard to stop thinking about just the same.

I have begun the work of looking for work by updating my online cv/portfolio.

What really sucks makes this challenging is the suspension and subsequent resetting of my hosting account. All of the blogs and websites containing much of the work I have done over the past 4 years are now reduced to .sql dump files, which I am having a heck of a time gleaning for data. Luckily my old friend Brian says he has a lot of time on his hands and will help me out with the technical process of getting the info. Yay Brian!

I did manage to recover some articles via The Wayback Machine as well as by digging through the dump files (those are sure aptly named!) and have coded them into permanent pages at TracyRosen.com. I hyperlinked them to the ‘My Interests’ section of the CV and even added Disqus commenting so maybe the conversations begun at Leading from the Heart will come back to life one day!

I wouldn’t mind some feedback re: the website. I coded it so I can pretty easily change things (and no silly database required…) to make it more accessible for readers. Lay it on me!


Today Jack and I are going to spend some time helping out at the high school program where I used to work before changing schools. I love that place. It is filled with heart, hope, and perseverance. Sometimes I can’t believe that I chose to leave it but when I remind myself of  the travel time each day I remember why I did so.

Now that I am not working I find myself going a little stir crazy. Last week I went to the school for a visit and while I was there came up with the idea of volunteering once or twice a week. I asked the head teacher about it and she said that an extra adult body is always a good thing and that bringing Jack along was fine. So we are heading out there today for a few hours.

What better place for Jack to spend some time? He’ll listen to some kids read, maybe. Hopefully he’ll help to make someone feel good today 🙂


If you found your way here via tracyrosen.com, it isn’t a mistake. This will be a temporary place marker until the blog issues are resolved. Read below to find out why!

Though my domains had to be reset due to the hacking of malicious code into my sites, Hostpapa finally came through and sent me a zipped copy of my cpanel so that not all of my files were lost. Today I managed to resuscitate TracyRosen.com … kind of.  The ‘kind of’ part has to do with the sidebar links, which for now do not work. I am in the process of going through all of the files – which would be painstakingly slow on its own, imagine doing so when every hour or so a little boy wants to eat, and in between he needs to be changed, have a bath, etc… 🙂 – so as to be sure not to upload any of the code that got my account suspended in the first place .

I’m realizing, though, that I think my blog articles are – yikes – lost. The way I understand it, WordPress stores user content in MySQL databases, which are stored off-site so they wouldn’t have been included in the copy of my cpanel that was sent to me.

I’ve written an email to HostPapa support to see if they still exist anywhere. Keep your fingers crossed.

I did manage to find this for leading from the heart. Better than nothing, I guess.

Leading from the Heart on the Wayback Machine

Teaching is a Verb on the Wayback Machine

History.TracyRosen.com on the Wayback Machine

Alas, nothing for Ubuntu is Not Scary 😦

My old Leadingfromtheheart.wordpress.com site on the Wayback Machine

Since it is his birthday, maybe I should’ve included a photo of the big boy in my last post. This is one of my more recent favourites. The denim sling is from Little Star and you really should buy one now if you want one because it is on crazy sale. 13$ compared to the regular 36$ price tag! And their other slings are over 50$!

Jack in our new sling

Jack in our new sling from Little Star.

So I did nothing I planned the other day. The recycling is still all over the kitchen. All of the baby clothes are out of the dining room but I still spy with my little eye the plastic bathtub thing underneath the…what is that table called? A console table? Sideboard? Credenza? Longish table against the wall in the dining room? As is his car seat and some diapers (yes, they’re on the table. At least these ones aren’t dirty. Believe me, after what this table has gone through in the past 2 months you may never want to eat here again.)

You saw how I slipped that in, didn’t you? Jack is 2 months old today. Yay Jack! I think we’ll celebrate by having some extra nursing time, as if that would make this day any different from any other day. Yesterday he nursed on the hour, actually on the hour 07 – 1:07, 2:07, 3:07. People tell me he must be in a growth spurt. At first it made sense…but really, isn’t he going to be in a growth spurt until he’s 16? Isn’t that what kids do – grow?

So back to the non-planning thing. I had the best of intentions of getting my 3 tasks done on … when was it? Friday? But something unexpected curtailed my aspirations of grandeur. A bird in the stove (wood burning stove, not the pie baking stove, though then I could have waited for another 4 and 19 birds to join him and baked a pie). People wonder why I moved to the country. Things like mice in the kitchen or birds in the stove really aren’t my cup of tea. Luckily it was a day when  I was treating myself to Alexandra, she who plays with and walks Toby and Jacob for a whole hour. So I waited until she came and she approached the stove and dealt with the situation. Yay, Alexandra! It was a starling if anyone was wondering.

(By the way, if you live in the South (or North, probably, she’s based in Green Valley) Glengarry area and need someone to care for your pets in ANY way you need to give her a call. She not only walks/cleans litters/feeds/plays with your pets but actually cares for them. Click the picture for more info.)

I may get to that list today. In fact, I most probably will. Today is a recycling pick-up day, which only occurs every 2nd Monday out here in the country. If I don’t get this stuff out by the road today we will be overcome with paper and plastic bits. Also, my mother is giving me the gift of her cleaning lady (Mme Lauzon is much more than a cleaning lady, I’ve known her for some 35 odd years. She’s driven me places, she’s taken care of my dogs, she’s taken care of my sisters’ children, of us) tomorrow and yes, I will be cleaning up before she gets here. It’s really out of hand.

I called my sister (long distance from my cell phone while I was driving – wrong on so many levels) yesterday to see if she had read my disaster post about the shoes (and to wish her a happy anniversary). She had. She laughed. But she also asked me about the other things I had planned for that same day. So here is the follow up.

Yes! Jack now has a bank account, well it’s under my name until we receive his birth certificate (come on Quebec, it’s been almost 2 (gasp!) months since this little man is breathing air!) and his Social Insurance Number. I was going to just make it in my name but the woman I met with strongly recommended his own account since kids’ accounts don’t have any fees associated with them (compared to the 13$/month that would have to come out of his account each month if it were under my name, that’s a good deal!).

And yes, the crib has been put together. I love it. For now he only sleeps in it in the morning and in his moses basket but it is a start. It’s the Graco Sarah 3-in-1 crib. I like it because the end pieces are also slatted, I found that the solid ends of most cribs looked so heavy and with his tiny bedroom it’s nice to have a somewhat lighter look. His room is on its way to being the nicest room in the house.

Jack in basket in crib

Jack in basket in crib

I also managed to take a shower, do some groceries (including getting the MOST delicious ginger cookies at the bakery in Lancaster), reorganize some of my dishes in the kitchen (yay for Keith’s tallness), and have a mini nap in the pm while Keith held on to Jack for over an hour. I love it when Keith is in town.

Jack and his dad

Jack and his dad

Granted, a lot got done precisely because I had Keith to help out but I do believe that setting my sights to a realistic target actually allowed me to get more done. Knowing that I only needed to accomplish a few tangible tasks de-cluttered my mind in a way.

Today’s tasks:

Task: Move all baby related stuff out of the dining room and into his room

Why? I think it is important to have some adult space in the home

Task: Deal with the recycling – it’s all over my kitchen because my veranda is weird right now

Why? I’ve been tossing crap out into the veranda and as a result the recycling bins are hidden by huge lengths of plastic (you never know when you need long bits of plastic to wrap something in!). I eat a lot with this breastfeeding gig and my countertops are overrun with cartons and such.

Task: Go for another dog/baby walk!

Why? I did so yesterday for the first time – it was gorgeous out! And it actually worked. I tied the dogs’ leashes to the stroller (being sure NOT to let go of the stroller in case one decides to chase a goose or something…) and they heeled nicely with it. Yay. Oh, back to the ‘Why?‘ – I need the exercise and the change of scenery as much as Jack and the dogs do – well, Jack just sat there and fell asleep but I’m sure the change of scenery did him at least a smidge of good.

The dogs may actually decide to chase a goose - these ones are across the street!

The dogs may actually decide to chase a goose - look closely these white ones are just across the street! A bit hard to see on the snow 🙂

If you read my last post, On Planning, you’d know that one of my plans from the other day was to make these adorable shoes for Jack.

DIY recycled baby shoes from prudentbaby.com

DIY recycled baby shoes from prudentbaby.com

Well. I need to (or perhaps I don’t, the images being self-evident) let you know that I am not really a sewer, though sometimes the house may smell like one, now that Jack is in the picture. But I really did think that the directions seemed simple enough for me to attempt this project. After having made the heels, I realized that a sewing machine would probably make life much easier so I enlisted the help of my mother who both has a sewing machine and knows how to use it.

Here are the results – please don’t laugh too too hard, you may hurt yourself or make a mess in your pants (the latter having already happened to someone when she saw Jack wearing the shoes).

baby shoes, kinda

baby shoes, kinda

Homemade shoes, side view

Homemade shoes, side view

Homemade shoes, sole

Homemade shoes, sole

Homemade shoes, heel

Homemade shoes, heel

Aside from the obvious error (one being sewn inside out…I think wine may have been involved) I’m not sure how this happened! Actually, I lie. I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong. It was with instruction #5.

5.  Now take two top pieces and place them right side up.  Turn your heel pieces right side up and pin the side of them to the top left corner of the flat edge like so:

Instruction 5 for DIY baby shoes from prudentbaby.com

Instruction 5 for DIY baby shoes from prudentbaby.com

I pinned those suckers in a few different ways but couldn’t quite figure it out – the centre of the side? the top? but then wouldn’t she indicate corner instead of side? The whole side?  so I went with what I thought looked right.

Evidently, it wasn’t.

So I will try them again but I wouldn’t mind if someone could give me some more precise (like you are talking to a  5 year old) instructions for number 5!